CareLink for all New Location Setup Process
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Epic CareLink for all Location Signup Form
This process is to request a new Non-Employed Location Setup for Mercy Health’s CareLink for all Access, which upon approval will supply the Office or Location Manager with the ability to request and manage access of their staff to Mercy Health’s Epic CareLink for all application.
Request New Non-Employee Mercy Health Accounts and Application Access for their staff including CareLink for all and Horizon Patient Folder accounts.
Review all staff members on their My Direct Reports list that has access to Mercy Health’s systems at least every 6 months
Accounts will be created with an expiration date no further than 6 months in the future
The Account Manager will receive up to 5 expiration notification emails whenever one of their staff’s account is about to expire.
First notification is sent one month prior to the expiration date. Subsequent emails continue weekly to help ensure access is not lost without warning. The last notification is sent the day prior to the expiration date.
If no action is taken by the Account manager to extend their staff’s expiration access will be put on pause (unusable) for 90 days. If an account is allowed to remain in a “paused” status for 90 days it is deleted.
During the 90 day “paused” period the Account Managers have the ability to extend an expiration date for up to 180 days in the future. This will permit staff to access their account again.
Terminate any staff member that no longer requires access immediately.
Per Mercy Health Policies accounts not accessed within 180 days will be deleted automatically due to inactivity

Official Location Name
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Any Physicians at your Location that have an affiliation with Mercy
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Reason why you are requesting access for your location
Approximate Amount of Staff that would require access at your facility
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Local Account Manager Email Address
Local Account Manager Phone Number
Local Account Manager Job Title
Last four of Applicant's Social Security Number  

*Please submit your request to
*Reminder please be sure to attach the signed Security Agreement in order for your request to be processed.